Andy KJ Cragg


They find a map, X marks the spot.

Behind the picture is an A-Z Map of London with a big red X on it. They find the current A-Z Map and overlay it, but the house on the map does not exist, the small four and a quarter inch square does not exist. They look through other past maps - no house.

They go there and the centre of the X is in the middle of a road - past maps place a man-hole cover very near to the centre of the X, now tarmacked over.

They go into the sewers, lo and behold there is a shaft going up to where the man-hole cover would be. They get a step ladder and examine all the bricks in the shaft.

They find a loose brick with a pouch of diamonds behind it. Uncut diamonds. They take them to Hatton Gardens jeweller and spread them before a venerable old jeweller.

He re-coils in horror and shouts at them to take the diamonds away - the jeweller will not be questioned about why.

Same with another jeweller.

They take the diamonds to a younger jeweller who does not react.

“I can get them cut for you,” she says.
“No, we want to find out the provenance of these jewels, how do we do that?”
“Well, where did you get them?”
“Oh, in my house, my Father left them to me with no note or story.”

Then they tell the young woman about the reactions of the previous two jewellers and what did she make of that?

“There’s some old folklore, but these can’t be those diamonds - they’ve been found and stored away securely. Oh, but not all were recovered, hang on, I’ve an old book somewhere.” She goes to the back of the shop.

And doesn’t return.


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